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Franklin Academy offers exceptional academics from a Montessori inspired curriculum for our youngest students to help them become independent, driven learners to AP classes for our oldest students to help them prepare for their next steps. 95% of our graduates go on to college. 

In addition to the standard Math, English, Bible and Science classes, we offer a variety of special classes. All of our students take Latin, beginning in first grade.

Read more about the curriculum for each level of school:


Our preschool is inspired on a Montessori curriculum. With the help of their teachers, our youngest scholars are independent learners. We encourage them to move at their own pace, while we gently guide them towards learning the foundational concepts necessary for kindergarten and beyond. Read more about our preschool program.


Our Elementary curriculum is designed to meet state standards, while still based on the same foundational principles of Montessori that encourage our children to become independent learners. In 1st grade, our students begin learning Latin as a foundational language for their future studies. We strive to develop curious, inquisitive scholars throughout the elementary years who can become life-long learners. Read more about our elementary program.


Our secondary school offers our students a strong general education of traditional subjects, as well as a broad range of courses and independent study options. We strive to prepare our students for secondary education opportunities, as well as a life of learning. 95% of our graduates go on to college. Read more about our secondary program.

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